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Bulk SMS And Bulk Email Solution For Business

your business and organization needs to send a large numbers of Bulk sms & text messages, either locally in India base, internationally or both, we have a solution which is tested and trusted for bulk Email and SMS text messaging. Weblink Solutions along with the speed of internet and the mobile phone brings an interactive and cost effective Bulk Email and SMS platform for Enterprises. The solution enables the enterprises to trigger the activities over the air.

The product design helps in making the product attractive to the target market in today’s competitive market environment not only Email and SMS cost matters but also the product design, suitability, shape, style etc. matter a lot in taking production decisions.

Bulk Email Service is the most affordable communication tool between you and your customers. We Provide email marketing, bulk campaign management, delivery and email tracking solution enables the complete marketing cycle from initial design, to bulk delivery and campaign results.

With the modern globalization of business and industries throughout every nook and corner in kolkata, the importance of mobile phones has been huge and profound. The emergence of India as one of the world’s leading IT nation has made the usage of mobile phones a part of human lives here. The short message service or Email and SMS has been the most important feature in the widespread popularity and development of the mobile phone in India and the entire world.

Bulk SMS

Transactional Route
High Priority SMS route. Messages ill be delivered instantly Suggested for the customers with transactional or time sensitive SMS campaigns.

Promotional Route
Promotional SMS route. Suggested for the customers doing SMS campaigns that are not highly time sensitive.

Voice SMS
Voice SMS platform is compatible with large set of integrated highlights which are fully customized according to customers need, bulk voice SMS broadcasting, immediate response to bulk voice broadcasting, mobile number filtration and Voice VoiceSMS services in india.